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State Council by non-ferrous metals industry and the logistics industry revitalization plan

Zhong guangwang Beijing, February 25 (reporter Nie Qiao, China), 25th, Premier Wen Jiabao presided over a State Council Executive meeting, consideration of the principles by non-ferrous metals industry and the logistics industry restructuring and revitalization plan, which discussed playing a support role, promoting steady and rapid economic development.
meeting agreed that more kinds of nonferrous metal products, wide field of applications, associate degree, played an important role in economic and social development. Promoting the nonferrous metals industry restructuring and revitalization, to control the volume, backward, technological innovation, focusing on corporate restructuring, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading. To stabilize and expand the domestic market, improve the export environment. Adjustment of product structure, power, transportation, construction, machinery, light industry needs. Support exports of processed products with high technology content and added value. Second, we must strictly control the total amount, accelerating the Elimination of backward production capacity. Third, we must increase the intensity of technical transformation and development, promoting technological progress. Forefront of developing common technology, increase the technological level of equipment and materials and processing capacity. D to facilitate corporate restructuring, optimize the industrial layout, strengthening enterprise management and supervision, improving the competitiveness of industry. Five should make full use of domestic and foreign resources, enhance the capacity of resources supporting. Six to accelerate the construction of the whole society of non-ferrous metal recycling systems, developing circular economy, and enhance the comprehensive use of resources. It was decided that State subsidized loans to support technological upgrading of enterprises, pay close attention to establishing a national reserve mechanism, adjust the product structure of the export tax rebate rate.
it was noted that logistics is the integration of transport, warehousing, freight forwarding and industry compliance service industries such as information, wide realm, more employment, promoting production and boosting consumption. But the overall level of China's logistics industry backward, severely restrict the increase in efficiency of the national economy. Should speed up the development of modern logistics and establishing modern logistics service system, with logistics services for other industries. To actively expand market demand and promote the development of logistics enterprises interact with production and trade enterprise, promote the socialization of logistics service and specialization. Second, to speed up merger and reorganization of enterprises, fostering a high level of service, internationally competitive large-scale modern logistics enterprises. Third, we must promote the energy, mining, automotive, agricultural (14.21,0.34,2.45%), medicine, and other key areas of logistics development, accelerate the development of international logistics and logistics. Four to strengthen infrastructure construction and improve standardization and Informationization level. Conference identified nine key projects to revitalize the logistics, including multimodal transport and transhipment facilities, logistics parks, commodities and rural urban distribution, logistics, manufacturing and logistics linkage development, logistics and technical promotion, logistics and emergency logistics public information platform and logistics technology research. Meeting request, all localities and departments concerned to strengthen organization and coordination, deepen the reform of logistics management, improve policies and regulations, increase input through various channels, speed up the training of talents for promoting steady and relatively fast development of logistics industry in China, it was noted that strengthening science and technology innovation, and full play to the role of science and technology to tackle the international financial crisis and increase the sustainability of development, is of great significance. Current will focus the following work: (I) implemented quickly and expand domestic demand, maintain economic growth is closely related to the major science and technology projects. Priorities of current industry developments and expand domestic demand has a direct role, has a better base, formation of competitive products on the market as soon as possible research tasks, speed up the progress in the implementation of, and made a number of significant results as soon as possible. (B) accelerate research and development key techniques for restricted the development of key industries, and provide strong scientific and technological support for the industry. For mature technologies and products to increase industrialization, commercialization and large-scale applications. (C) support enterprises to improve the capability of independent innovation. Encouraging enterprises to take the State's major scientific and technological tasks, establish service platform based on open sharing of enterprise technical innovation, speed up the transfer of advanced technology to the small and medium enterprises. (D) accelerate the development of high-tech industry cluster. Play a role in the national development zones, strongly supports new energy, biotechnology, new materials, information and other strategic high-tech industries, develop creativity, animation, games, applications and other emerging industries, cultivate new economic growth points. (E) mobilization of research institutes and institutions of science and technology power enterprises active service. Support for research institutes and enterprises to joint research and development technology, product development, facilitate the flow of talent to the enterprise. Encourage research institutes to provide testing, standards, and other services. Strengthen technology introduction and training. Conference decisions, adjust and optimize the structure of financial investment in major science and technology and the national science and technology plan, Central and local governments this year focused on 100 billion yuan, increased input to the implementation of the above-mentioned tasks; supporting independent innovation products promote, encourage the use of domestic first (set) equipment, increasing financial support to scientific and technological innovation, promote the construction of multi-level capital market.

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