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Enterprises express company collective price each delivery costs rose 1 to 2

Enterprises express a collective price hikes Washington (Xinhua Zhang Yan) yesterday, reporters learned that starting from November, yuantong, yunda, Nakadori domestic express companies prices have risen, rising costs of each Express 1-2.
round notices customer book displayed, from November 1 up, file regional within (province within) Express price raised 1.5 Yuan/votes, across regional raised 2 Yuan/votes; items regional within Express price first heavy raised 1.5 Yuan/kg, continued heavy raised 1 Yuan/kg; items across regional express price first heavy raised 2 Yuan/kg, continued heavy raised 1 Yuan/kg.
rhymes also issued a circular, since November 3 Express price adjustment, based on the original, non-sample by 1-1.5 Yuan/ticket samples by 1-1.5 Yuan/kg.
in addition, through its more than more than 2000 joined the express site issue notification, recovery of operating costs for a site 10% to 20%; stars in time for Beijing to Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other remote packages, under 1 kg costs have risen to 16 Yuan/ticket.
prices, express delivery companies say because after the increase in the volume, manpower and oil costs also rose significantly. Among them, the rise in oil prices is the main reason.