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Combatting obstacles in accelerated and intensive development trend

However, the intensive development of the logistics industry still faces a number of problems that cannot be ignored.
on the one hand, and Logistics Park sectors at this stage still belongs to the more "lively" areas, logistics companies, real estate companies, electric companies, business enterprises, domestic and foreign investment and so on, have joined the army of logistics real estate or construction of logistics parks. In addition, 18 session that "closely around the market plays a decisive role in the allocation of resources to deepen economic restructuring", market access liberalization became important to national economic system reform, logistic Park market access will be further relaxed. In this context, inevitably there is misuse of resources of logistics park and Logistics Park and lack of economies of scale, the level of development varies greatly in the number, within cities, intensive development of the region, it is more difficult. Meanwhile, though the number of logistics parks in China is growing rapidly, type evolves, but the lack of industry standards seriously, lack of effective connection between parks and Park standard, "isolated island" of further serious, intensive Logistics Park will be even more difficult. Promote intensive development of logistics parks industry need Government support. For logistics parks in the region, Government should carefully study the proposed integration plan. Resource integration between logistics park will not be easy, because of logistics parks exist in different, compartmentalisation of consolidation will have greater difficulties, which requires government departments of communication and coordination, and support policy. Logistics Park layout, the national logistics park development plan puts City Logistics Park layout, the city administration, should be based on needs, demand types at different levels, reasonable planning of logistics park size, type, assign the function of logistics park, intensive use of logistics park resources, enhance the value of logistics park. In addition, the logistics industry standards, interconnection of information also needs to be actively promoted by the State, creating favourable conditions for intensive development of the industry. Accelerate the cultivation of logistics enterprises, is the effective means to promote the development of logistics industry. Throughout logistics parks in China, Zhejiang transfar, Lin of Guangdong enterprises are actively seeking greater development, pending further strength. ProLogis logistics park in the country in the field of developing more advanced, but also does not show a strong lead role in industry development. Therefore, intensive development of logistics zone, need to cultivate a larger business scale, competitive, on behalf of industry enterprises in the zones of the advanced level, to lead the industry, the provinces, municipalities need to cultivate influence and the core competitiveness of enterprises. In March this year, the Ministry of transport issued on guidelines to promote intensive development of the road transport industry, to foster leading enterprises in logistics park has played a positive role.