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Worrying situation needs urgent logistics Logistics Park to be broken "isolated island"

logistics park itself with developing logistics enterprises and integration characteristics of facility resources, intensive development of the logistics industry is an important support. But from the perspective of industry, intensive logistics park in China is still low, some logistics facilities idle, high vacancy rates in some logistics park. In recent years, the logistics industry development of countries attach great importance to logistics and warehousing infrastructure such as heating up, enthusiasm around the logistics park construction ran more high. However, due to lack of scientific planning, excess parts of the Park, the same competitive conditions, a prefecture-level city in the planning and construction of logistics park of seven or eight is not uncommon. According to the China Federation of logistics and purchasing survey in 2012, all kinds of logistics parks in China reached 754, and Germany compared to less than 40 Logistics Park, low intensive level of logistics parks in China. Even in the logistics industry, also on behalf of the Logistics Park encirclements of phenomena. To this end, in June last year, the State Council issued a pointed out that: "on behalf of the Logistics Centre, goods distribution center and occupy the land, preventing waste of unused land. "It can be said that the current" mixed bag "problem in China's logistics industry, needs to be addressed. Intensive integration of national logistics park resources, and improve the overall development level of logistics park is of strategic significance. These "four modernizations" there is a relationship of mutual support and mutual promotion between, then in logistics park, for example, intensive development of logistics parks, you will be able to promote faster Park introduction and implementation of the standard rules, more efficient information coverage and intelligence applications.
logistics park in last October's national development plan, the "main task" article is the "promotion of resource integration in logistics park", requiring break regional and industry boundaries, the full integration of existing logistics parks and logistics infrastructure, improve the efficiency of utilization of facilities, land and other resources. Obviously, in the development of China logistics park in more than 10 years, resulting in a low level of resources, intensive problems, current national policies will integrate resources and promote intensive on the development planning of logistics park in front position. In addition, the Executive meeting of the State Council, emphasized that we should focus on the current build a modern logistics system. We must focus on reducing logistics costs. Second, we must promote the logistics enterprise-scale. Third, improving logistics infrastructure, improving the transportation network, speeding up the prominent "cutthroat". II promoting the large-scale development of logistics enterprises, and also need intensive support.