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Logistics standards and reduce costs using e-commerce platform to reduce intermediate links

"Really fundamentally solve the problem of coal logistics, or from the national level to address, at least criterion be unified. "Yanshujun believes that current domestic logistics not only standards are not unified, and all aspects of convergence is also not ideal. Coal the entire logistics process is not seamless, when the rail is completed, needs moving, loading and unloading processes such as can proceed to the next step of the transport. "In some sense, this is probably a more important factor leading to high logistics costs. "Multimodal transport is made of two and above transport connection completed, trans-shipment and transport. This is a more advanced mode of transportation, you can move down link in the process of reducing transport, saving wasted human, material and financial resources. "We should develop multimodal. "According to yanshujun introduction, overseas vehicle standards, change the front can move on to the next link of the transport. From a macro point of view, increased capacity of integrated logistics, logistics market is divided into a unified market, broke the chain of logistics link make it form a chain, so logistics can really flow, this is the fundamental way to solve the logistics problem. Reduce logistics cost unified logistics standard, optimization of transport links is not enough. Some experts said, "if not to the development of e-commerce will affect survival. "E-commerce" is a platform that provides information, the information is a necessary condition for logistics. "Yanshujun believes that e-commerce platform can optimize your logistics links, reducing blind shipping. In a disordered State of supply and demand, through e-commerce platforms will become more orderly. And logistics companies in the shortest possible time coal, to the best way to reach the consumer, this will enhance the efficiency of the logistics of the whole society and reduce logistics cost. Li Hongguo, Chairman of coal trade center on treasure island in Northeast Asia in the Internet environment, there has been a trade pattern of disruptive innovation, the core of disruptive innovation is to link, remove link reduces the pressure of time and environment. Li Hongguo said "logistics are their trading services for the enterprise, but single logistics trade limited, have failed to grow. In the network platform, logistics enterprises not only for their own services, will also provide social services, enterprises will be able to begin to emerge. "
yanshujun think, now, what information is required to support, logistics, information is essential, but to add information to the logistics industry is to be upfront, and this requires long-term operations in the future cost of digestion. Yanshujun stressed that in the process of promoting the informatization of logistics, in order to better develop the coal logistics technologies, equipment, products, transactions and other related standards, improvement of logistics Standardization System. Meanwhile, encouraging enterprises to adopt standardized logistics measurement, logistics, such as equipment, facilities, information systems and processes, increasing coal logistics standardization level.