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Highway tolls and a fine coal logistics enterprises have to face "the beast"

Statistics show that 140,000 km of toll roads around the world, including 100,000 kilometers in China, accounting for 70% of the world. Provides a 40 kilometers of traffic, toll stations, and some local governments provide, every 20 km or less distance of high grade Highway 1 charging stand can be
Central television revealed that in 2011, the national road toll total 270 billion yuan, fined a total of 400 billion yuan, the two add up to 670 billion yuan. Each year, after the country are cracking down more on road charging in, but because it involves the practical interests of various places, so little. It also sharply pushed up trucking of domestic logistics enterprises. Due to the high road charges and fines, not only makes the coal road transport costs remain high, making life very difficult for road transport enterprise. "China's road infrastructure has become a monster, constantly eating logistics efficiency. "Global logistics President Qi Ruian? Ryan said. Many charges of water transport, enterprise was also overwhelmed, that we do not personally stepped in to clean up the Ministry of transport reasonable project costs. August 2013, the Ministry of transport announced the cancellation of or exemption from class 7 administrative fees in the 10 specific charges, cancellation or suspension of 4 supervision and service charges, and to take measures to standardize the operation of the service charges. Transaction service fees and shipping and ship traded at decoupling, to be replaced by fixed charges a service fee, and limit line. Yanshujun said that logistics is a chain, the tax on which links in the chain will have an impact on the final cost of logistics. As far as we know, now, coal logistics enterprises, is not making money.